How did you find HOTAR?

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How did you find HOTAR?

Beitragvon Blast » 4. Okt 2016, 12:41

Hello guys,

in this thread I would like to ask you to write down how you have found out about HOTAR. I would like to make the game as popular as possible and such information could be valuable to get some ideas about where to look for players. You can also write down some hints and information about the sources where the game should be mentioned to become more popular.

Thanks in anvance!

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Re: How did you find HOTAR?

Beitragvon treborx555 » 4. Okt 2016, 12:51

I found it on itch io by searching for loot based recent games i think. I should be the minority though. I posted a topic on reddit once, 2 people said they liked it but some complained about paint graphics if i remember correctly.

I just think you need a better site to show off the game. It's not very appealing currently, especially default german language.

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