HOTAR Info and Guide!

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HOTAR Info and Guide!

Beitragvon treborx555 » 22. Sep 2016, 23:45

I am writing this both as a tiny guide for newbies and for the developer to get insight on balancing!


1) Items
2) Leveling
3) Important stats for classes


Items are currently separated into White, Green and Blue!

White items have no extra stats
Green items have a maximum of 2 stats
Blue items have a maximum of 4

The stats on items are random except unique items, unique items are currently only blue and have a unique name.
They always drop with the same stats and only from a certain monster!

Random affixes are usually in a normal range, by that I mean they aren't too strong or weak, but they have a small chance to become either really weak or really strong!

Example, health on lvl 20 items is usually 150, but very rarely it's only 20 or even 500! I've only seen a 500 health stat drop once for me!

The 500 health is actually 250 health stat and another 250 health stat added up together. So my item actually has 4 stats!

Edit: I just got a 900+ health gloves, this is pretty amazing!

That means, currently the best items are the random ones but they take a long time to get!
The 500 health stat that I got on my dagger was the only good stat I got, but it deserved to be equipped because a tank needs a lot of health and doesn't care about damage much!


Leveling is simple, kill mobs and get exp!

The fun part is figuring out how to kill mobs without dying and having to load an earlier save. On the first map there are wolves walking around, if you attack at the wrong time, you can get ganged up on and die! If you were lazy on saving.. half an hour lost?

My advice is to try not to get any of your party members to die, because they don't get exp then. Ignore this rule when fighting elite mobs or bosses, loot is important there as the unique items are great for leveling because you don't have time to grind the random items!

Now if you get a high level with the first 3 characters, you can buy other characters in the Tavern, they start at level 10 and are naked so they will have to leech off of you for a few levels until they level and gear up a bit, but they become useful fast!

Watch out though! The low leveled guy will attract mobs from a much further distance and you can get ganged up on and die!

I suggest 2 ranged damage dealers to kill the mob before they get to the low level character.

Important stats for classes

This isn't a complete rule, but I've found this to be true:

Wisdom is currently useless and not useful for any class.
Strength is good for warriors and paladins.
Agility is good for warriors and rangers.
Intellect is good for mages, warlocks and druids.
Mana per second is good for any class that has mana, and is much better than wisdom, incredibly useful in long boss fights, not useful leveling
Health is useful for everyone in leveling, but less useful to non tankers when in a boss fight
Hits and crits are currently a bad stat, it's only good if you get a really high roll like 3% crit
Resistances are only useful against certain mobs, important in some boss fights I assume
Spellpower is the best stat for mages, warlocks and damage druids!
Healpower is the best stat for healer druids and priests!
Attack power is useful for physical damage classes


Spellpower, healpower, strength, mana, health, mana per sec are OP.
Agility, intellect, attack power are secondary but still alright.
Wisdom, hits, crits, dodge, block, parry are bad.

Resistances can be op or totally useless, depending on where you are grinding.
For example I grind scorpions now, so the only good resistance is poison.

Have fun in the game! Maybe we could start a thread where we can post great item finds!

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Re: HOTAR Info and Guide!

Beitragvon Blast » 24. Sep 2016, 21:01

That's a pretty good guide, thank you very much!
The next update will bring purple random items which can be dropped from level 21 Monsters and higher and will have up to 6 stats.
I'm also working on a new dungeon. It will be a cave full with new spiders and some bosses.

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Re: HOTAR Info and Guide!

Beitragvon treborx555 » 24. Sep 2016, 21:27

That's awesome, I'll be leveling my party until then :3 !

Btw you can make a whole map out of that green magical bush thingy in the newest map top left corner! It looks pretty cool.

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