HOTAR 0.2.05 released

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HOTAR 0.2.05 released

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I have finally built a new HOTAR release: version 0.2.05!
There is a "hard mode" now which you will be able to use as soon as one of your characters reaches level 50! When this mode is enabled, all enemies will be set to level 50. This also applies to bosses, so there will be lots of new challenges for those of you who like challenges. Certainly bosses will drop level 50 items, too!

Download the game at

All HOTAR 0.2.05 changes:
- implemented "Hard Mode" which can be enabled as soon as one of the player characters has reached level 50; hard mode will set all enemies on all maps to level 50, killing those will offer new great items, bosses and some other enemies will drop unique level 50 items
- on each buff the according magic type will be shown now
- some unique items will have special attributes on them which will reduce resistances of the enemies and their chances to dodge, parry and block
- you will receive "+1 mana per 5 sec." for each 10 points of wisdom instead of 20 as before
- implemented weather effects (only rain at the moment) which will occurr on certain maps with a certain chance and intensity
- changed some icons
- changed the title picture

- reduced strength of "Controlled Wrath" and changed the icon
- reduced wrath costs of "Rip", "Leap", "Interrupt" and "Superior Defence"

- new talent, shot and debuff: "Arm Hit"

- new talent and spell: "Guardian Angel"

- increased cooldown of "Sacred Ground"
- new talent and spell: "Barrier of Life"

- new talent, spell and debuff: "Daze"

- fixed a bug which caused some enemies to be unable to parry or block attacks
- you should not be able to block attacks with a walking stick any longer
- fixed a bug which did not allow to receive the attribute "+ x mana per 5 sec." on randomly generated items
- fixed a graphical bug where sometimes tooltips of buffs and debuffs of the target ware not shown correctly
- fixed a bug which sometimes caused minions to run to the enemies althouth this was not the intention
- fixed warrior's ability "Leap" when game is played in German
- fixed a bug which did not allow to load some maps
- some small fixes

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