HOTAR 0.1.04 released

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HOTAR 0.1.04 released

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The new update for HOTAR mainly adds inventory inhancements (i.e. bags), a combat log and some balancing improvements to make the game more interesting and challenging!
You can download it here as usual:

HOTAR 0.1.04 changes:
- icons of the items inside of the inventory will be colored depending on their quality now
- added a bag system so you can carry more loot! First bags can be bought at the tavern, other bags will drop from bosses (only from the last boss in "Crystal Cave" at the moment).
- added a clock on the buttom left of the screen which will show time played during the current session; this time will be reset if you load a game or start a new game and it will be paused if you pause the game
- added a combat log which can be activated/deactivated via new button on the left bar or by pressing the 'L'-key
- for balancing reasons changed the way damage and healing from spells is calculated:
    * reworked spell damage and healing of all relevant spells
    * spell/healing power will be less effective now
    * base damage/healing of spells will be higher and rise depending on the level of the character
- changes on creation of random items (this will not affect items which you already hold in your inventory):
    * reduced damage of bows and staffs
    * reduced stats "Mana per 5 sec.", "Health" and "Mana"
    * resistances and run speed should be less likely to appear on an item
- reduced damage of some unique bows and staffs (this will not affect items which you already hold in your inventory)
- added an icon to the executable of the game
- reduced amount of gold dropped by bandits
- tuned AI of some enemies
- changed positions of some enemies in "Crystal Cave" and also tuned their spells (6 men dungeon)
- minor changes on the enemies in the "Hideout" (6 men dungeon)

Talents and Spells:

- Blind: added a visual effect on the enemy if Blind is applied
- Head Blow: increased duration to 3 sec.

- Inspiration: cooldown removed; the buff lasts for 5 seconds instead of 30 now; casting time reduced to 1.0 sec
- Holy Lightning: cooldown reduced to 5 sec.

- the effect of Hot Ice has been changed: Reduces your casting time by 50% for 30 seconds.
- Fireball: cooldown reduced to 5 sec.

- Heal: casting time set to 2.5 sec.

- Nature's Wrath: added cooldown of 5 sec.

Bug fixes:
- fixed description of Ignite
- fixed a bug on the bandits in the Silent Forest where they did not use "Blind"
- fixed a general bug in the AI where sometimes attack sound was played all the time
- fixed a minor bug with the talent "Energy Recovery"
- fixed a minor bug with the spell "Suffering"
- fixed a bug which caused saving process to fail ("File could not be written!")
- fixed a bug which sometimes caused UI elements to be placed at the wrong positions
- fixed some other bugs

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