HOTAR 0.1.05 released

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HOTAR 0.1.05 released

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HOTAR 0.1.05 is released!
You will find a new map and a lot of new talents and spells. There are also several new features and fixes.
Download it:

HOTAR 0.1.05 changes:
- added a new map "Sirth Graveyard" with level range 27-30 for 3 characters, which is accessible throuth "Sirth"; also added new monster types with new abilities
- added scaling of character pane and trade pane; they will be scaled automatically depending on your screen resolution (like other UI elements)
- some improvements on the trait "Unstoppable" which is usually applied on boss enemies of higher level
- added trait "Undead" to undead creatures which makes them immune to fear and mind manipulation effects
- extended the world map
- on the exit triggers of maps you will see names of maps the triggers lead to
- in front of map names their level ranges will be shown now
- replaced sounds of Walkers
- completed descriptions of classes (shown on tooltips of buttons inside of the talents pane)
- minor improvements on equipping an item via right click inside of the inventory
- if you hover over an item with your mouse a tooltip of an according, equipped item will be shown additionally to the tooltip of the item the mouse is pointing to
- console window will be hidden now

Talents and Spells:

- new talent and ability: "Throw Knife"
- "Forceful Strike" moved to level 35, it increases your critical strike chance now
- increased duration of auras to endless
- "Aura of Discipline": increased AP bonus to 40 per 5 level
- "Aura of Power": increased SP bonus to 40 per 5 level
- "Aura of Aid": increased HP bonus to 40 per 5 level
- "Aura of Resistance": increased resistance bonus to 20 per 5 level
- new talent: "Fury"
- new talent and ability: "Cleave"

- new talent, ability and buff: "Throw Rock"
- new talent and ability: "Confusion"
- new talent: "Backstab"

- new talent: "Overdraw"
- new talent and buff: "Barrage"
- new talent and ability: "Volley"
- new talent: "Improved Volley"
- new talent: "Prepare Arrows"

- "Righteous Fire": slightly increased critical strike chance
- "Divine Support": damage done will also depend on your attach speed now, i.e. slower weapons cause more damage
- new talent: "Righteous Fury"
- new talent and buff: "Banish Evil"
- new talent and buff: "Lawful Suppression"
- "Weaken Evil": increased casting time to 2 seconds

- new talent: "Staff Efficiency"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Liquid Armor"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Glowing Armor"

- new talent: "Penetrate the Darkness"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Conversion"
- new talent: "Quick Help"
- new talent and spell: "Holy Stream"

- "Swarm": will reduce hit chances instead of agility and strength now

- new talent and spell: "Demonic Totem"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Delayed Poison"
- new talent: "Poison and Shadow"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Sacrilege"

Bug fixes:
- fixed a crash which could occur when starting a new game
- optimized memory handling when unloading a map
- fixed a bug which caused some traps to not work
- fixed a bug with the spell book where you could not drag spells from the spell bar into the book, only vice versa
- fixed a minor bug on the trade pane which could rarely occur and caused tooltips of items inside of the inventory of the vendor to not show
- "Discover Resistances" should be updated correctly now if values of the target are modified by a buff
- some minor fixes

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