HOTAR 0.1.06 released

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HOTAR 0.1.06 released

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HOTAR 0.1.06 is released!
The main feature of this update is the new dungeon for 6 characters. The dungeon has a pretty high difficulty level, so you will have to get some solid gear and level your party to at least 36 before you go there. There is a level gap between this dungeon (36-40) and the next lower area which is "Sirth Graveyard" (27-30), this gap will be closed later when I release an other map. Sorry but this time I didn't have time to bring more spells and talents for player characters.

Download it as usual at

HOTAR 0.1.06 changes:
- added a new dungeon "Crypts" with level range 36-40 for 6 characters, which is accessible through "Sirth Graveyard"; also added new monster types and four bosses with new abilities. Some of the bosses will use more complex abilities as usual!
- improved the code for a slightly better performance
- reworked loading procedure of textures for creatures which will result in shorter loading time of the game when it is initially started and a better memory management!
- if you send a character to a spot which is not accessible (via right click), an accessible spot will be found and set automatically
- on the right bar, left to the player panes, behind the crossed swords icons a red circle will indicate if a character is currently targeted by an enemy so you can prepare to toss him a heal
- "Dragons Lair" is now accessible from "Sirth Graveyard" and the dragon will drop some epic level 50 items if you manage to kill him

- "Inspiration": slightly increased mana cost and casting time

Bug fixes:
- some small improvements in the way NPCs are visualized to make the visualization more correct
- removed a glitch which could be used to make the enemies very weak
- fixed some mistakes in German localization

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