HOTAR 0.1.08 released

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HOTAR 0.1.08 released

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HOTAR 0.1.08 is released!
The graphical overhaul of HOTAR is complete! I have redrawn all maps (however some of them not to 100%) and also the entire UI. If you wonder why the game has become so much smaller in size, that's another benefit caused by these graphical changes. That's one big piece of the update, the other one is that there are lots of new talents and spells now, so the talent trees of the classes are getting filled.

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.1.08 changes:
- implemented a new, special font system along with new fonts which will allow fonts to be resized if required; this will improve graphical appearance of the game
- added a new display of enemies in combat which will be visible during combat only and show names, health and mana of your enemies; this display can also be used to target enemies via right click which is very comfortable
- added display of hotkeys to the buttons on the left bar
- added a new button "Reset Talents" on the talents pane which will allow the player to reset talents of a character for a certain fee
- added loading screens while loading a save game or new game
- sound loops which are played while casting spells will not be played anymore while the game is paused

- new talent: "Loud Fighter"
- new talent: "Sharpened Blade"
- new talent and ability: "Leap"
- new talent, ability and buff: "Berserk"

- moved "Bear Trap" to level 5
- new talent: "Improved Bear Trap"
- new talent: "Pierce Armor"

- new talent: "Slaughter"
- new talent: "Heavy Weapons"
- new talent: "Shred"

- new talent: "Heavy Snowball"

- "Blessing of Health" increases healing received by 30% now
- new talent: "Blessed Blade"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Shield Of Faith"

- new talent, spell and buff: "Blinding Light"
- reduced the effect of "Inner Warmth"; your mana regeneration caused by this talent now will be increased by 10-20-30-40-50%
- increased mana cost of "Holy Stream" a little
- new talent and buff: "Holy Flame"

- new talent, spell and buff: "Daredevilry"
- new talent: "Torturer"
- new talent: "Creativity"

- new talent: "Tall Grass"
- new talent: "Close to Nature"
- added a visual effect to the buff "Swarm"
- new talent: "Pest"
- new talent and spell: "Freedom"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Pheromones"

Bug fixes:
- fixed position of the clock and size of its elements on the left bar
- fixed X-positions of the elements on the left bar; before they were too far on the left
- fixed description of "Inspiration"
- fixed a small bug related to the display of characters
- many minor bugs

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