HOTAR 0.2.00 released

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HOTAR 0.2.00 released

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HOTAR 0.2.00 is released!
This update brings two new maps. On one of them you will find orcs, the other map is a friendly zone where the player can recruit level 45 characters. From now on it is officially possible to reach level 50! There is also a manual now which describes most important features of the game.

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.2.00 changes:
- in general settings added an option to set the sound volume of the game
- added difficulty levels which can be selected when a new game is started and will affect damage and healing done my enemies during the entire game: "Very Easy" = 60% damage/healing, "Easy" = 80% damage/healing, "Normal" = 100% damage/healing, "Hard" = 120% damage/healing, "Very Hard" = 140% damage/healing; if you are using a save game which already exists, difficulty level will be set to normal; currently set difficulty level can be viewed in general options
- added a new map "Marilor Highland" with level range of 44-46 and some new enemies, accessible through "Sirth"
- added a new map "Areol Outpost", accessible through "Marilor Highland"
- moved the access to "Dragons Lair" from "Sirth Graveyard" to "Marilor Highland"
- reduced casting time of Wide Hit of King Rold in Crypts dungeon to 1.5 seconds
- Lich in Crypts will cancel combat now if moved too far away from his starting position
- changed some things in the random item generator:
- maximum damage of newly generated bows reduced a little
- it won't be possible for randomly generated items to stack one stat multiple times from now on (e.g. 4*200 health = 800 health on one item)
- reduced the maximum possible physical and magical hit and crit chance
- slightly enhanced the creation process of randomly generated values on items
- written a manual about the game which can be found next to Hotar.exe

- to the spell "Freedom" added a cooldown of 5 seconds and increased casting time to 2 seconds

- fixed a bug caused by King Rold in Crypts dungeon while casting Wide Hit
- fixed a bug which caused bags to have a wrong icon after loading a saved game
- fixed a small bug in calculation procedure of healing values when a direct healing spell is cast
- fixed a bug which occurred when the player was trying to rectuit a new character but the player pool was full

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