HOTAR 0.2.01 released

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HOTAR 0.2.01 released

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HOTAR 0.2.01 is out and ready for download!
This update again brings two new maps! The purpose of these maps is to cover some level gaps at lower level ranges and to allow the player to level his characters faster and having more fun at it. It also adds more variety to the game.

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.2.01 changes:
- tuned mana costs of some spells
- increased experience gained from slain enemies
- from now on some normal enemies will be designated as champions, they will be stronger than others and have a random buff (there are three buffs at the moment); killing these enemies will give you double xp and they will also have an increased chance on dropping items and these items will have a higher chance on better quality; champions will be chosen randomly when a new map is loaded and they must have reached level 8 at least
- boss enemies will be pointed out with a red mark at their feet and give 4 times the xp of a usual monster with the same level
- it will be possible to look through stumps
- all damage done by bows reduced by 10%
- all damage done by melee weapons increased by 10%
- new map: "Cheese Bay" with level range of 14-16, accessible through "Seastar Tavern"
- new map: "Oasis" with level range of 20-22, accessible through "Sirth"

- new talent: "Spiked Shield"
- added a visual effect to "Shield Specialization"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Controlled Wrath"
- new talent: "Revengefullness"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Superior Defence"

- added skill "Cloth Armor"
- new talent and buff: "Cripple"
- renamed the talent "Defence" to "Offence and Defence" and added a buff to it
- damage done by "Backstab" reduced by 50%
- reduced cooldown of stab to 5 seconds

- new talent: "Melt"

- slightly increased damage of "Painful Decay"

- fixed a bug with "Shield of Faith" where shielding was still active after the buff has run out
- fixed a bug which sometimes caused abnormal sounds while the game was paused
- fixed a bug which could occurr after loading a saved game while a character had a debuff on him after the game was loaded
- fixed a bug where "Shield Specialization" wasn't triggered when blocking certain attacks
- made the decision whether an attach will miss, hit or crit or if it will be parried, blocked or dodged more exact
- fixed a bug which caused sound effects of thrown fireballs and similar missiles not being played
- fixed a bug when fighting Lich inside of Crypts which caused game freezes
- fixed a systematic bug which caused some spells to deal too much or too little damage
- a sound will be played now when a shot or missile hits an obstackle, e.g. wall, tree etc.
- it should no longer be possible to save the game while all player characters are dead
- some minor fixes

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