HOTAR 0.2.02 released

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HOTAR 0.2.02 released

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HOTAR 0.2.02 is out and ready for download!
This time I bring a couple of new features to the game.
The crafting system is now introduced! You will be able to craft your own items and also disassemble found items to make new ones from their parts. To do so you will need some plans which will drop from slain enemies and also resources which can be found in the world. This only the beginning of the crafting system, it will be extended later and I will also add further professions (currently there is only blacksmithing). Please tell me if you like it.
The other feature concerns usable items. Currently there are only potions (healing and mana potions) but there is more to come. To use a potion you must drag it from the inventory to the bottom bar of a character where you will find two new slots.

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.2.02 changes:
- added some more sound effects
- in "Crystal Cave" reduced damage output of the "Scratcher"
- reduced damage output of the enemies on the first map "Coast Camp"
- added an animation to the spellbar icons which will be visible when spellbook is opened to indicate that spells can be moved
- implemented a crafting system! You will be able to craft your own armor and weapons and also disassemble items to create more powerful gear. The crafting system will be extended soon and further professions will be added such as alchemy, jewelry, tailoring etc.
- implemented usable items such as healing and mana potions!
- added a new bar with two slots on the bottom bar where usable items can be placed to be used during combat
- introduced stackable items such as resources and potions

- "Confusion" now prevents the enemy from casting the active spell for 10 seconds

- increased damage done by "Delayed Poison"

- fixed a small bug with "Interrupt"
- fixed a bug since the last version where all spots inside of the party management pane were filled with level 1 characters at the start of new game

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