HOTAR 0.2.03 released

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HOTAR 0.2.03 released

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HOTAR 0.2.03 is out and ready for download!
The main feature of this update is that warlocks will be able to summon minions now! You will get access to minions if you spread your talent points accordingly. There are also some new talents for other classes and I have added lots of new plans and ressources for crafting.
So, have fun!

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.2.03 changes:
- maximun number of additional bags reduced to 6; if you load a game where you have more bags, they will be dropped on the ground together with items which have been inside
- a loading screen will be shown now when the game is loading directly after start-up
- added new resources "Lead", "Copper", "Iron", "Mithril" which can be found in the world
- added new plans which require the new resources to produce some components for armor and weapons
- made slight changes on some existing plans
- added pages 1-5 to the crafting pane which must be used if one page is full
- updated the manual

- new talent, spell and buff: "Dazing Shout"
- new talent, spell and buff: "Motivating Shout"

- increased duration of "Quick Retreat" to 10 seconds

- moved "Resurrection" to level 35
- new talent, spell and buff: "Intellect of the Maker"
- new talent and buff: "Devotion"

- made some changes on the talents tree
- warlocks will be able to summon minions from now on
- new minion and talent: "Shadow Ghost"
- new minion and talent: "Shadow Knight"
- new talent: "Demonic Hardening"
- new talent: "Demonic Endurance"
- new talent: "Demonic Power"
- reduced the effect of "Mana Vortex"
- new talent and spell: "Abyss"

- new talent: "Mental Training"
- new talent: "Mental Superiority"
- new talent and spell: "Sacred Ground"
- new talent: "Sparks"

- fixed a bug which caused some buffs to be too weak after loading a saved game
- fixed a bug which caused NPCs to have low stats sometimes

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