HOTAR 0.2.04 released

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HOTAR 0.2.04 released

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HOTAR 0.2.04 is there! This time I have added a new map "Badlands" for level 33-36 with some coyotes, fire elementals etc. This map should be used for grinding before you enter the dungeon "Crypt". And again, I have also added several new talents and spells and fixed some bugs. I hope you like it :)

Download the game at

HOTAR 0.2.04 changes:
- added new skills which will increase some stats if you are using certain armor or weapons
- added new off-hand item "Walking Stick" which can be used by all classes and will not require a skill
- made "Shadowlance" of "Pale Cardinal" inside of "Crystal Cave"-dungeon slightly weaker
- all negative effects applied on a character will be removed while resting now
- "Rest" will only fade if combat begins from now on and it will be possible to rest during movement
- implemented a new map: "Badlands"!
- reduced damage output of monsters in "Sirth Graveyard"
- reduced aggro range in case if level difference between player characters and enemies isn't even (i.e. if enemy has a higher level)
- all bosses will have a fixed aggro range of 15 meters now

- new talent: "Detect Weakness"

- the talent "Evade" will additionally increase your chance to parry, too
- reduced effectiveness of "Pierce Armor"
- new talent and ability: "Acid Bath"

- new talent: "Chivalric Training"
- new talent and ability: "Invisible Blades"

- moved some talents
- new talent and spell: "Meteor"
- new talent: "Firestorm"
- new talent: "Providence"
- new talent: "Elemental Mastery"

- new talent: "Providence"

- new talent: "Gifted"

- reduced damage done by King Rold in "Crypts" with fire
- cooldown of usable items will be reset when loading a game
- reduced mana regeneration value of some unique items
- ressources, e.g. iron ore, which are placed in the world will be displayed correctly now
- summoned creatures will die now if their master is not in game
- "Lich" inside of "Crypt" will only teleport player characters
- it shouldn't happen any longer that summoned minions stand there without action during combat
- some minor bugs

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