HOTAR 0.1.01 released

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HOTAR 0.1.01 released

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The first update of HOTAR is released!

It holds a new map, new monsters, spells and some talents, too. You can download it here:

HOTAR 0.1.01 changes:
- added a new map!
- added new types of monsters with new spells!
- added some new items which can be dropped by the new monsters!
- player characters will receive more XP if they defeat an enemy (depending on their level, i.e. additional XP = 10 * character level, modified by level difference between the player character and the enemy)
- made spells of Rontah (NPC in the Silent Forest) stronger
- hidden the "Apply Class" button on the talents pane if a class is already set (which should always be the case)
- several adjustments on the talents
- damage over time effects will no longer keep you in combat if all enemies you were fighting are dead
- added a display of character level to the right bar
- if a character has unspent talent points, "+" is shown on the right bar next to his name
- improved character selection
- made health-, mana- and castbars above the NPCs transparent
- bandits will drop less money now
- added a sound when selling and buying items
- talents are reset when loading an older save game, i.e. from HOTAR 0.1.00


- added dependencies to auras

- added some dependencies between talents

- new talent, spell and debuff: "Discover Resistances"

- moved "Care" from level 15 to 10
- new talent and buff: "Inner Warmth"

Bug fixes:
- Dragons Lair icon is no longer shown on the map since it's a dungeon
- NPCs which can talk to the player will open their dialog only once per saved game
- several fixes in different texts
- damage of the spell "Blast" is now correctly increased if there is an effect of "Ignite" on the target
- fixed a bug inside of the "Rest" buff
- fixed a bug where an error could occur if you were trying to save or load the game
- fixed a bug which could damage your save game file during saving
- fixed a bug which allowed to cast certain spells while stunned or feared
- fixed a bug where sometimes a negative effect was applied to the target even if the attack didn't hit
- fixed a bug where sometimes no negative effect was applied to the target even though the attack hit

Enjoy it :)

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