HOTAR 0.1.02 released

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HOTAR 0.1.02 released

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I'm releasing this update mainly as a reaction to some serious bugs I have detected and fixed.
However there are also some new spells and talents.

HOTAR 0.1.02 changes:
- damage done per hit is no longer modified by attack speed, instead attack power will be more effective


- lowered damage of Dark Weapons

- new talent: Divine Support

- new talent: Mana Pool
- new talent and spell: Holy Infusion

- new talent: Force of Nature
- new talent: Child of Nature
- new talent: Mana Pool

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug where damage of some critical strikes was not calculated absolutely correctly
- fixed a serious bug with some melee abilities/spells
- fixed a bug which caused buffs not work which increase your physical damage output directly
- fixed a bug where damage done by a character wasn't calculated correctly if affected by a buff or debuff which modifies his attack or casting speed

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