HOTAR 0.1.03 released

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HOTAR 0.1.03 released

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The third update of HOTAR is released!

It holds a new dungeon, new monsters, spells and some talents, too. You can download it here:

HOTAR 0.1.03 changes:
- added a new 6-men dungeon (Crystal Cave), accessible through northwest of Sirth
- level 0 talents added which every character will get automatically at the start
- tuned the appearance of name boards (e.g. at the character pane, talents pane)
- tuned the chances for a better item quality. You should find slightly more green and blue items now. For items with minimum level of 21 and higher there is a chance of being purple now. The chance for a better quality item grows with its level.
- performed some changes on melee abilities, most of them will use weapon speed instead of fixed speed now. Whirlwind, Forceful Strike and Righteous Fire can be used without a target now.
- on the right bar the backgrounds of player tags are now colored differently if there are buffs or debuffs applied to the character
- improvements on the work principle of the left spell bar
- names of dead creatures and characters will be hidden
- it will be less likely that name tags of dropped items overlap
- level of player characters will no longer be shown above their heads
- slow effects should no longer stack
- Walkers in Sirth will hit much harder now (you will have to re-enter the map if you already spawn there after loading your game)
- Desert Snatchers will additionally use paralysing poison (you will have to re-enter the map if you already spawn there after loading your game)
- level of your target will be shown on the top bar from now on

Talents and Spells:

- new level 0 talent and spell: Quick Strike

- new level 0 talent and spell: Stab

- new level 0 talent and spell: Jagged Arrow

- new level 0 talent and spell: Holy Lightning
- Resurrection: set casting time to 20 sec. and added a cooldown of 1 min.

- new level 0 talent, spell and debuff: Fireball
- an addition to Displacement: Enemies which are attacking you will teprorarily lose their target

- moved Punish to level 0

- moved Nature's Wrath to level 0

- new talent and debuff: Horrible Imprisonment
- moved Painful Decay to level 0
- increased cooldown of Panic to 40 sec.

- new talent, spell and buff: Hard Light
- new talent, spell and buff: Pacifism
- moved Punish to level 0

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug where wrath of the warrior wasn't calculated correctly
- fixed a bug where summoned objects and creatures sometimes were summoned too far away
- removed combat sounds from obelisks
- fixed a bug where the talent Brutality wasn't reset after loading a game which was saved with an older game version
- fixed a bug where sometimes the spells on your left spell bar were not switched although a target was selected
- fixed a bug where sometimes a spell on the left spell bar was not casted if there was a spell left of it and on cooldown
- fixed a bug which caused auto attack to be used instead of an active spell in the left spell bar while selecting a target when pause is enabled
- enemies should change their targets more often during combat now
- fixed a sound bug on the traps
- fixed a bug inside on spells which are summoning creatures or objects (e.g. Obelisk of Thunder)
- feared and stunned enemies will cause other monsters to attack if they are nearby
- fixed a bug where the wrong file could be deleted if you delete a saved game
- summoned creatures should not be saved and loaded
- some other fixes

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